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Welcome to Diabetic Dezire

Diabetics Dezire brings to you, for the First Time in the Country, a whole range of Sugar-Less, Low Glycemic products exclusively for Diabetics and Health Watchers.  Dezire is an ideal option for all those who want to maintain their health and still enjoy the goodness of life.  With Diabetics Dezire Sugar-Less Sweets and other products, for the first time you can Enjoy Without Guilt!

Diabetics Dezire Natural Substitute has been clinically evaluated by World Renowned Diabetologists and has been approved as safe and Ideal for Diabetics and Health Watchers. The entire mission of Diabetics Dezire is that a Diabetic or a Health Watcher should be able to lead a normal life from Morning to evening – without missing the good pleasures of life. Begin your morning coffee with Diabetics Dezire Sugar Substitute, or enjoy your breakfast with Diabetics Dezire Apple Jam. Quench your afternoon thirst with Diabetics Dezire Lemon/ Lemon Ginger Squash or sip your evening cup of Tea with Diabetics Dezire Cookies. Or if you please, indulge in a piece of Diabetics Dezire Sweet after dinner!

You can now place orders for Weddings, Banquets, Outdoor Events, Corporate Meetings & Parties for our Low Glycemic  Sugar-Less Indian Sweets. Show your guests you care for their Health! Bulk orders for sweets to be booked in advance.

Key Benefits of Diabetics Dezire Products

  • LY Natural Sugar Substitute. All Dezire products are made using this Natural Sugar Substitute.
  • It is Low Gycemic (GI19) Product.  A Low Glycemic Product is Good for Diabetics whereas a High Glycemic Product is Bad for Diabetics. With a Low Glycemic Index of 19, it has been approved as safe for Diabetics and Health Watchers.
  • It is Insulin Independent for its Metabolism. Hence even Diabetics can safely take it.
  • It also enables good HbA1c (Glycosylated Haemoglobin) levels.
  • It is 1.7 times sweeter than normal sugar. Hence Calorie Savings  can be made for Weight Watchers.
  • It provides Longer Lasting Energy and thus postpones temptation to snacking. Hence Ideal for Weight Watchers.
  • It has a Lingering Mellowed Taste unlike Artificial Sweeteners.